How Meal Prep Can Alter Your Health and Lifestyle?


How meal Prep can alter your healthHealth has become the most important attribute to the millennial. This generation has created so much hype around the concept of living healthy that many of us have realized its value lately. People have different body types, orientations and preferences which help them choose the right exercise. There may be choices in physical activity, but meal prepping suits everyone.

Meal Prep is an Ancient Technique, Not a Trend

Meal prepping is a huge topic that got plenty of attention in the recent years because of western influences. But meal prep existed in our very own Indian culture from the ancient years. Let’s take our simple every day idly batter, didn’t our grandmothers grind it a day before by planning it ahead? Didn’t they visit the weekly markets to stock up on goodies for the week? Didn’t they choose seasonal fruits and vegetables to cook?

But we are blindsided by the concept of western lifestyle so much that we fail to understand that certain things existed in our life from the time we were born. Meal prep is one thing that can be implemented in our day-to-day lifestyle if we just crack the concept.

Meal Prepping – An Art You Can Master

When we have an idea on what we put it into our system, we will rule our body in no time. Meal prepping is the easiest way to take control of your body. Even though many companies are commercializing this concept, it’s best to stick to your own culture and eating habits to master this art.

It is unnecessary to stop eating rice, chapati and shift to raw vegetables and fruits. A healthy meal prep for a balanced diet is what you need. Include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber in the required quantities and create a meal plan that works for you. By taking these things into account, you can start to meal prep tomorrow itself.

How to Meal Prep?

Here I list a few steps you must follow to create a wholesome meal for your family by meal prepping it.

Step 1: Check the month of the year and know what’s the season first.

Step 2:  Visit your local market or online websites to know about the goodies in season.

Step 3: Shop for grocery and produce according to your eating habits. Bonus tip: Seasonal goods are always cheaper than the nonseasonal ones.

Step 4: List out the fruits, vegetables, herbs and grocery you bought in a paper.

Step 5: Arrange them according to their perishability ratio. E.g. mushrooms spoil sooner than potatoes.

Step 6: Plan meals according to the arranged order.

Step 7: Voila! You are ready with your meal prep chart.

Step 8: Cut and store the vegetables in the refrigerator and use it accordingly.

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