High Protein Vegetarian Meal Plan for a Day

The recent trend in eating a protein-rich low-carb diet is because of its satiety and weight loss benefits. People are focusing on including protein-rich foods in their regular diet to keep their cravings and calories in check. If you are a bodybuilder or a fitness enthusiast, you might need a higher amount of protein foods for muscle gain.

We can incorporate plant-based proteins, and animal proteins based on our eating habits. Most people recommend animal proteins such as chicken, red meat, seafood to get the daily protein requirements in our body. It’s easier for non-veg lovers to meet their protein requirements compared to vegetarians. However, plant-based protein foods are equally available in abundant quantities.

How Can Vegetarians Improve their Protein Intake?

There are plant-based foods that are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients. These high-protein foods often have fewer calories but higher dietary fiber making you feel full for a longer time. Many pieces of research have stated that it is possible for vegetarians to meet their nutritional requirements without consuming animal proteins.

If you are following a vegetarian diet, you can include plenty of plant-based foods such as,

Plant-Based Protein Foods
Plant-Based Protein Foods

Who Should Eat a Protein-Rich Diet?

A protein-rich diet is not an ideal plan for everyone. If you enjoy bodybuilding activities, heavy physical activities, tedious body-based work, and gym workouts, you can follow a protein-rich diet.

Protein takes a lot of time to digest in the body which can cause digestive distress and complications in the gastrointestinal tract. It is advisable to eat a high protein meal once a week or twice a month depending on your regular diet.

High Protein Meal Plan

This is a simple protein meal plan for a day, which includes a variety of high-protein foods. You can follow a protein-rich meal plan for 3 days maximum with occasional servings of carbohydrates. I do not recommend following a high protein diet for a longer period because it can cause dehydration, fatigue, and gastrointestinal complications.

High Protein Meal Plan
High Protein Meal Plan

You can make 25 recipes with the same for a month. Since these are dry ingredients, you can repurpose throughout the month. But don’t eat the same ingredients continuously.

Plant-Based Protein Meal Plan

An average human requires 0.8g protein per kg of weight; which can be around 50-80 grams of protein per day.

This is a high-protein, low-calorie vegetarian meal plan–1015 calories, 44.5g protein.

High protein vegetarian meal
High Protein Vegetarian Meal

Breakfast: Mung Bean and Quinoa Dosa with Peanut Chutney

Lunch: Broken Wheat and Split Yellow Mung Beans Khichdi

Snack: Brown Chickpeas Salad and Guava

Dinner: Green Peas Paratha

 You can have this as a brunch in reduced quantities or as separate portions for three meals of the day.

Ideal breakfast Quantity:

2 mung bean quinoa dosa (186 calories, 7.9g protein, 3.3g fat, 31.2g carbs, and 3.1g fiber)

1 tbsp of peanut chutney (46 calories, 1.7g protein, 3.8g fat, 1.7g carbs, and 0.7g fiber)

Ideal Lunch Quantity:

1 bowl of khichdi (193 calories, 8.4g protein, 5.3g fat, 29.1g carbs, and 6.2g fiber)

Ideal Snack Quantity:

1 cup salad (73 calories, 3.2g protein, 1.0g fat, 12.8g carbs, and 5.5g fiber)

1 guava fruit (48 calories, 1.8g protein, 0.7g fat, 10.0g carbs, 3.8g fiber)

Ideal Dinner Quantity:

2 Parathas (327 calories, 9.9g protein, 12.8g fat, 43.4g carbs, 5.9g fiber)

Pickle of your choice and 1 cup yogurt (147 calories, 11.6g protein, 14.7g fat, 11.0g carbs)

High Protein Ingredients:

Total Protein: 138g

Protein Foods
Protein Foods

100 grams Mung beans – 49g of protein,

100 grams Quinoa – 8g of protein,

50 grams Peanuts – 19g of protein

100 grams Broken wheat – 14g of protein

100 grams Yellow split mung beans – 24g of protein

100 grams Brown chickpeas–19g of protein

100 grams Green peas – 5g of protein

Mung Bean and Quinoa Dosa Recipe:


100 grams of green mung beans

100 grams of quinoa

1 tsp of cumin seeds

2 green chilies

1-inch ginger

1 ½ tbsp Salt

Oil for frying


Soak green mung beans with quinoa for 2 hours. Rinse and grind into a batter by adding 1 tsp of cumin seeds, 2 green chilies, and 1-inch ginger. Add the salt as per taste.

Heat a dosa Tawa and add a ladle of batter to make instant mung bean quinoa dosa. Add oil and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Peanut Chutney Recipe:


50 grams of raw peanuts

1 tbsp cumin seeds

4-5 dry chilies

1 sprig curry leaves

1-inch tamarind

1 tbsp salt


Dry roast 50 grams of raw peanuts, 1 tbsp cumin seeds, 4-5 dry chilies, 1 sprig curry leaves, 1-inch tamarind until golden brown. Grind into a smooth paste and add salt as per your taste.

Broken Wheat and Split Yellow Mung Beans Khichdi Recipe:


100g/ 1 cup broken wheat

50g/ 1 /2 cup split yellow mung bean

1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 green chili

1 tsp turmeric, chili powder, salt

1 tsp cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves

1 tbsp ghee for tempering


Soak 100g broken wheat and 50g split mung bean for 15 mins. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker. Splutter mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, asafetida (optional), and add chopped onion, tomato, green chili. Season it with salt, turmeric and chili powder and add the soaked wheat and lentil. Fry this mixture for 2 minutes. Add 3 cups of boiled water and close the pressure cooker and cook for 3 whistles. Serve hot with a dollop of ghee on top.

Brown Chickpeas Vegetable Salad Recipe:


1 cup soaked and boiled brown chickpeas

1 onion, tomato, cucumber chopped

1 cup pomegranate pearls

Salt, pepper, lemon juice and chat masala to taste

Procedure: Mix everything in a bowl and enjoy with sliced guava.

Green Peas Paratha Recipe:


100g/1 cup dried green peas soaked and boiled

2 green chili, 1-inch ginger

1 tsp salt, cumin, and pepper powder

1 cup wheat flour

1 tbsp butter


Mix wheat flour with salt, oil, and water into a dough and rest for 10 mins. It should be soft and firm. Pulse boiled green peas with the spices into a crumbled powder in the mixer, adding no water. Make a ball out of wheat flour dough and flatten it to make a roti. Stuff the peas mixture into the flattened roti, close and make into a stuffed paratha. Fry until golden brown in a hot pan using butter.

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