6 Tips to Grocery Shop Like A Pro to Save Money

“Become a fan of grocery shopping to be a better human. And if you succeed, you will be healthier than a common food-ordering person.”

The food you eat shapes up your body and personality as much as the products you buy at a grocery store. When you love spending hours at a supermarket, believe me, you’re in your adulthood. This is the best time of your life where you can take control of your body and food habits like a pro.

Adulthood is a phase where plenty of us go broke or debt-heavy. Though we come up with solutions to save money, we always cannot execute them at the grocery store. In this article, you will find the smartest ways to become a grocery shopping pro doing no painstaking tasks. You use logic and common sense to master the art of grocery shopping.

Here are the skills you must develop to grocery shop like a professional and save money without pulling the purse strings,

Be a Strategic Shopper: Grocery Shop on Monday

Monday is the best day to grocery shop because only 5% prefer shopping on the first day of the week. The weekends are the busiest days for supermarkets, as most of them empty their old stocks during these days. There are higher chances to buy stale and about-to-expire products during the weekends.

Grocery Shop on Mondays

Monday is the start of a workweek, and the supply chain is no exception. 90% of supermarkets stock up on new products at the start of the week. If you visit the grocery store in the mid-morning or by 4 pm on Mondays, you can get the best products and fresh produce which last longer.

Be a Smart Shopper: Don’t Waste Money on Discount Sales

Most of us light upon seeing a flash sale notification or signboard at the grocery store. But these are supermarket tactics to make people buy unhealthy, less purchased items on the expensive side. Just because they add a discount tag, their value or purpose does not change.

Say No to Discount Sale

It’s rare to find discounts on popular and healthy products. Empty vessels make more noise, junk gets advertised more than healthy and nutritious foods. Beware of such tricks to save your hard-earned money from going into the drain.

Be a Responsible Shopper: Shop Staples at Wholesale Prices 

Most of us shop groceries for a month, including the staples and wet produce. You can purchase non-perishable goods such as rice, spices, beans, herbs, sugar, salt, whole grains, pulses, and cereals at wholesale prices and quantities. They are cheaper compared to retail prices.

Staples Wholesale Price

It is best to buy staples for 6 months in bulk as they come in handy in times of emergency, unprecedented times, and environmental disasters. I buy staples only two times of the year, January and June. If you check the monthly shopping bills, you can see a vast difference in the quantity and the pricing.

Be a Stingy Shopper: Abundant Produce is Always Cheap

Cheap is good, but we don’t always agree because fancier and expensive things appeal to us more. But with logical thinking, we can find that they sell the product at a cheaper price only because of its abundance. Seasonal produce is cheaper because it’s available in higher quantities. These products are of excellent quality because it’s harvested and sold only for a limited period.

Cheap Produce is Good

Shamelessly stock up on goods sold at cheaper rates, even if the entire world is against these practices. You will have a hefty bank balance.

Be a Local Shopper: Your Body Thrives on Local Food

When you eat locally grown organic produce, your body will appreciate and heal more. Our genes strongly depend on the nutrients we get from our local foods. Buy locally grown produce instead of splurging on exotic vegetables and fruits imported globally. We can find the same nutrients in different local produce. Eating regionally grown foods can strengthen your body easily.

Buy local Eat Local

Visit a local supermarket, befriend a street vendor, and ask for local produce grown seasonally from a farmer. They are your guide maps for the best, nutrient-rich, and inexpensive local produce.

Be a Tech Shopper: Master Grocery Shopping Digitally

If you frequent a grocery store, download their app, and scan the products, offers, and deals first before heading out to the store. You can get the information about their fresh produce, on-sale products, and limited deals. And if you love online shopping, then avail these offers immediately by placing an order.

Master Digital Grocery Shopping

If you are hesitant about digital grocery shopping, I can just say one thing, people who sell by seeing your face will always change the pricing based on your looks and bargaining can degrade your personality.

Apps deliver to people equally and if you find anything wrong, you can always return and get a refund. Choose noteworthy online grocery stores because they have their reputation in the line. This will save you money, time, and energy.

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