10 Meal Planning Hacks for Work from Home Professionals

Are you stuck with work from home fever? Do you find it difficult to feed a bunch of hungry kids at home every day? Check out these amazing and smart meal prep hacks to eat healthy by doing less while you work from home.

Most of us find it difficult to cope with family members, kids, and colleagues all at once at home. It’s tough to achieve a work-life balance because of a lack of boundaries. Since we are in different schedules, timing, and to-do lists, it takes immense planning and proper execution to stay above all these hurdles.

Most mothers feel tired, unmotivated, and restless because of work and home projects bombarding their 24 hours. Three meals a day along with beverages and snacks is a master class by itself. Every woman is facing tremendous time constraints, lack of energy, and budget constraints during these unprecedented times.

If you are trying to cope with this work from the home situation and learning to balance your kitchen and office hours, then embracing the meal planning technique can do wonders for you.

Why Do You Need A Change of Mindset When You Work from Home?

Mastering work from home is not a simple task. We need self-motivation because remote working puts at risk of an undisciplined schedule. We are sleepy, and less active at home since its naturally our cozy abode. If you want to stick to your routine and cook balanced meals while staying at home, then you need to make a proper plan and execute it to perfection.

Multitasking and flexibility are the two secrets to own work from home lifestyle. Think of multitasking and multipurpose strategies to save time and energy. Be flexible with your choices during this period and keep an open mind to the change of plans. Go with the flow is the motto to follow for coping with a remote working lifestyle.

How Meal Prep Eases Work-From-Home Lifestyle?

When you embrace meal planning and focus on your meals every week, you can have a control over your work-life balance at home. There are certain meal prepping hacks you can follow to make your days less hectic and tiresome such as,

1. Shop a Variety of Ingredients

Follow your daily cooking and grocery shopping routine, even if you work from home. Make a healthy grocery list and stock up on food every week. Plan your meals by choosing complementary ingredients where you can pair them for a variety of recipes in a week. Options can reduce stress and anxiety to run to stores in between the week for grabbing ingredients.

Since you stay more at home, cravings and hunger pangs can hit you often. Be prepared by choosing a variety of healthy, cheat-friendly, and fiber-rich satiety produce. Buy canned, whole, and dry ingredients to cook different cuisines on weekends to make your home-life interesting. Bonus, a diet with a variety of foods can meet your daily vitamin and mineral requirements.

2. Prep Your Meats

Having marinated meats in the freezer can help in making tasty and aromatic dishes at home. Buy meat such as chicken, pork, beef in bulk, and marinate them using different spices and sauces for the week. Marinating and prepping your meats add tenderness and moisture and the result just blows your mind.

You should marinate meat for at least 2-3 hours and work from home can complicate such a process. It is best to marinate different meats in zip-lock bags and store them in the freezer. Thaw and cook them whenever you want during the week to make delicious dishes with less effort.

3. Befriend the Sheet Pan

When you need quiet time at home to do your office work, make use of your oven in smart ways. Prep your veggies, meat, and sauces and cook them together in a sheet pan. While these get ready in the oven, you can sit and work on your desk with no worries about dinner.

Sheet pan dinners are wholesome, filling, and nutritious meals to make within an hour. The best part is that you don’t have to be in the kitchen to cook these delicacies. Since the oven does all the work and you have to clean only a baking tray, this is one of the wisest meal prep hacks to follow during your work-from-home days.

sheet pan meals

4. Make Extra and Repurpose

Batch cooking saves plenty of time for new moms and businesswomen as they may not cook every meal of the day. Whenever you cook a meal, ensure you double the recipe and cook an extra batch for the week. Reheat them during the week when you’re feeling tired and lazy to cook after a busy day at work.

You can microwave these as you answer your zoom calls with colleagues and clients. Repurposing is a healthy and budget-friendly meal prep hack for busy bees. Creamy soups, chili, meat curries, and baked fritters can come in handy as future meals.

5. Invest in Cookers

Working from home can wreck our schedules because of overtime and unexpected meetings. Investing in pressure, slow, or electric cooker can be an excellent meal planning hack. You can add a variety of whole grains, meat, spices, and vegetables and cook them faster by saving time and energy.

Prep your dinners and cook them in a slow cooker while you wrap up your day’s work. They help tenderize the meat and boil vegetables to perfection with no effort. Enjoy a hot happy dinner at home by making soft and succulent dinners using cookers.

6. Make One-Pot Meals

Choose at least 3-5 one-pot meals for a week such as soups, stews, rice, and curry which can double up as your lunch and dinner. It helps save time in cooking and cleaning a lot of vessels in the kitchen.

Cooking one-pot meals become flavorful and tasty as we add plenty of vegetables and spices to simmer together. Since you can cook lunch and dinner together in a single pot, you can wind up your kitchen time early and work peacefully for the rest of the day.

one-pot meals

7. Make Multipurpose Sauces

Most of us feel less motivated to cook in between working hours while we are at home. We might skip meals or fill up on junk to satiate our hunger. Choose quick and easy make-ahead sauces that suit a wide range of recipes to whip up quick weekday meals. You can make sauces in bulk and mix your favorite vegetables and meat together to prepare a healthy and filling meal.

Choose a leisure day to make flexible and a variety of sauces and store them for a week or two. You can transform leftovers, pasta, or a salad into tasty lunch and dinner while you work-from-home. The options are endless and having a multipurpose sauce in your kitchen can ease your remote work lifestyle.

8. Stock Up on Mince

Minced vegetables and meat can make versatile and budget-friendly meals. Stock up on minced beef, pork, chicken, lamb, vegetables when you work-from-home. They help make easy meals like meatloaf, burgers, wraps, lasagne, meatballs, momos, fried rice on busy work nights.

When you use minced meats to make meals, you will get maximum flavor and quantity within minimal time. They take the stress out of last-minute home-cooked meals as they are lifesavers after a long day of working from home.

9. Make Room for Jars

Mason jars are affordable, space-saving, and easy-to-use containers to meal prep. You can make fresh salads, overnight oats, parfaits, casserole, burrito bowls, noodles, soups, desserts in jars, and store them in the fridge. These are perfect for bachelors and professionals working from home and need meals for one on hand.

Prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners in mason jars, and microwave for a speedy, healthy meal on workdays. Mason jars keep meals crunchy, fresh, and tasty. You can meal prep cute mason jar meals for 3-5 days, and it sets you for a stress-free work-from-home week.

mason jar meals

10. Freeze Ready-to-Heat Meals

If you are a freelancer or permanently based at home, you can make a few ready-to-go meals and freeze them to use throughout the month. Buy good quality glass containers to freeze meal prepped breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to keep them fresh for longer. Defrost these meals overnight in the fridge well before you eat them.

Ready-to-go meals work best on days it stretches you with deadlines, meetings, and conferences. Plan your schedule to grab these ready-to-heat meals out of the refrigerator and microwave them on busy weekdays.

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