How to Prep Fresh Produce for the Week?

Chopping vegetables is a tedious task to do every day. I prefer to chop a variety of vegetables on the weekend to make my life easier and simpler. Mondays are my favorite grocery shopping days and if you want to know about it; you can check this link. Shop for produce and chop everything on the same day as this will help in keeping it fresh for longer.

The first step I do before shopping is to check out my fridge and make a list. This will help you shop in a mindful way without splurging on unnecessary and random things.

 I opt for a variety of vegetables and fruits for the week. My go-to-ratio is 10 vegetables and three types of fruits for the week. This will include a variety of greens, root, cruciferous, watery vegetables, and tubers for getting ample amounts of vitamins and minerals into my meals.

My typical meal includes rice, stir-fries, and gravies. I prepare my produce based on the dishes I would like to prepare for the week. This produce prep is for 5 days of the week starting from Tuesday-Saturday.

The set of vegetables for this week includes snake gourd, bottle gourd, beetroot, yard beans, green beans, onion, tomato, yam, raw banana, and lemon. The fruits include guava, apple, and green grapes.

Produce Prep

I have cut my vegetables into two types namely, cubes and slices. I will use the cubes for gravies and slice for stir-fries. I have washed, peeled, and wiped off my vegetables before chopping them. I will store the sliced vegetables in separate containers in the fridge for 5 days.

Based on their freshness, the recipes I have planned to cook are,

Bottle gourd: Lentil curry and paratha

Snake gourd: stir-fry and coconut-based curry

Raw banana: stir fry

Green beans: green beans with coconut fry, lentil curry

Yard beans: Lentil curry, stir fry

Yam: Stir-fry and gravy

Beetroot: Pulao and poori

It’s best to use watery and green vegetables first, as roots and tubers can last longer.

I have squeezed lemon juice into a container for my morning lemon water. I store it in the fridge for a week.

I have pureed and browned my onions for about 45 mins and stored them in a container. I have pureed tomatoes and stored them in a box.  I will use these for making curries for weeknight dinners.

I have peeled onions for chopping them throughout the week; I store them in an airtight container.

I have washed, removed the eye of the tomatoes, and placed them inside a ziplock bag for the week.

I have sliced apples and guavas and placed them into snack containers. I washed and dried green grapes before placing them into boxes.

This is how I prep my fresh produce for the week. Hope it was helpful!

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