How to Meal Plan for a Month using Sticky Notes

The most important issue faced while meal planning is the change of mood to eat a particular food on that day. Though most of us take time out to plan elaborate breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a month, it might change on that specific day because of random plans.

If you love meal planning but feel tired of changing recipes or dishes every night, you might use this technique to save time and money. Life is unpredictable and we cannot plan every meal of the day for a month. However, planning is always useful!

I love Indian food, so this is my simple monthly plan, which I do at the start of every month. It helps me from overthinking about what to cook every day. I plan for 4 weeks and keep the 5th week out of my plan because I use leftovers or order takeout during the fifth week.

This is one of the simplest ways to plan meals for a month using sticky notes. It is easy and the best way to rotate meals without wasting food or stocking up leftovers. It takes only 10 minutes to curate this plan for a month.

Sticky notes are economical and the easiest way to write recipes for the week and make them according to your plans. I will not plan elaborate meals for all days using this technique.

This is like a savior technique that you can use to meal plan the basics for the day. You don’t have to think about what to cook tomorrow and instead just check out the recipe. Use vegetables on hand or even shop for the week in advance.

I can do most of the meals within 30 minutes, and these recipes are my family favorites. These recipes are seasonal and keep rotating in my house every month.

 Meal Plan with Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes Meal Plan

I have divided the page into 4 weeks and stuck one sticky note for every week. There are no specific days allotted to any of the recipes. This is just a brain dump of recipes to cook for the week. I wrote the main accompaniments at the bottom of the sticky note.

For the first week, I planned five recipes and three main accompaniments. I am a seasoned cook. I do not have recipes in my meal planner, but if you are a newbie, you can print recipes for the week and attach them with the sticky notes.

The three main accompaniments are rice, dosa, and roti. I will not do any other main dishes for this for the entire week. For example, I will make chili chicken in the morning and I am gone cook rice and roti for the day. My lunch will be chili chicken with rice and a simple wrap for dinner. I eat two proper meals prominently. If you would like a separate breakfast column, you can include it.

My typical breakfast would be fruits, milk, coffee, or bread, so I have not included breakfast in my meal plan for the month. The recipes are for lunch and dinner of the day.

You can meal prep these recipes in advance and freeze them in bulk. Shop all the ingredients at a stretch to save time on weekly grocery shopping. It is best to include protein and staples in all the weeks to simplify meal prep.

Prepare the shopping list based on the availability of ingredients for the recipes listed. I have used a simple same color sticky note for all the weeks. If you love color-coding, you can change the sticky notes and plan them accordingly based on your recipes.

This is the simplest way to cook and plan your meals for a month in just 10 minutes using sticky notes. Hope this method will be useful to meal prep for your family!

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