How to Plan a Month’s Meals in an Hour?

Doesn’t it feel like bliss when you have a full month of meals planned ahead of time? Most of us stress a lot in the kitchen because we can’t think of a good meal to cook for lunch or dinner. Often, we browse through a recipe book or a website for a meal idea. Though we might get inspired to cook a new recipe, we might get disappointed by the lack of ingredients in our pantry.

Alas, a quick monthly planner with the perfect meals on your fridge can come to the rescue!

Here are a few ideas and tips to plan a month of meals in an hour,

  1. Plan the monthly calendar
  2. Separate each week into a theme
  3. Grocery shop on the last day of the week
  4. Meal prep or cook the dishes on the day
  5. Save and reuse the leftovers

I prefer to start the week on Friday and end it on Thursday. My grocery shopping for the week will be done on Thursday.

This is the grocery shopping list for every week.

W Vegetables/FruitsProtein StaplesOthers
1Onion, Tomato, Lettuce,
Potato, Lemon, Apple
Chicken, Fish, Lentils Rava, oats, rice, wheat flour, rice flour, Ragi flourIdly/dosa batter
Dry fruits & nuts
2Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Beetroot, Mushroom,
Banana, Spinach, Yam, Potato, Carrot, Capsicum, Peas,
Vermicelli, oats, rice, wheat flourIdly/dosa batter
Dry fruits & nuts
3Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber,
Carrot, Beans, Radish, Cauliflower, Coconut, Apple, Banana,
Green Gram
Rice, Macaroni, Broken wheat, wheat flour, oatsIdly/dosa batter
Dry fruits & nuts
4Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber,
Brinjal, Palak, bhindi, snake gourd, mushroom, methi leaves,
Colocasia, carrot, capsicum
Hakka Noodles, Rice, Vermicelli, penne pasta, oats, RavaIdly/dosa batter
Dry fruits & nuts, Burger Buns
Monthly Grocery Shopping List

Hope you can plan your meals with this simple idea and save time every month!

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